Message from the President

Message from the President

The calendar tells me that spring has sprung. I wish the temperature agreed. I’m hoping by the time our state convention gets here next month we will all be able to see flowers blooming and buds on the trees, and wear sandals.

Speaking of our state convention; it’s happening April 28th with the Bath/Brunswick branch hosting. We have a great lineup of speakers. There will be a lot of information at the end of this newsletter about convention. Plan to join us. Thank you, Bath/Brunswick, for all of your work in hosting us!

I want to make sure you are all aware of the voting that will open on April 25, 2018, and close June 9, 2018, at 9 p.m. AAUW has proposed the following amendments:

  • Proposal 1 – Staggered terms of office for AAUW Board of Directors on a 3-year rotation
  • Proposal 2 – Eliminating the AAUW membership requirement for AAUW Board of Directors
  • Proposal 3 – Eliminating the degree requirement for membership in AAUW

You may recognize proposal number 3 since we just voted on this before the national convention in June 2017. The national Board strongly supports all three amendments. Maine AAUW has always sided with the elimination of the degree requirement and I hope that it passes. Sadly, with the vote before convention there were not enough votes to pass, but worse, there weren’t enough votes to meet quorum. Even if we had received the majority of votes, not enough of the membership even voted. This fact alone boggles my mind. But I know we won’t be like that! We will vote and we will vote big! At convention we will have computers available so people can vote at convention. Make sure you have your AAUW member ID number with you.

At state convention you will also be voting for new AAUW of Maine officers. I want to thank all the members who volunteer their time and talents to AAUW and keep our little corner of the U.S. humming. I have been impressed, awed, and humbled by these women. I have seen them use their knowledge, strengths, and passion to advocate, learn, and grow.

Keep reaching towards the sun and feeling the warmth on your face.

Best regards,

Dora McCarthy
AAUW Maine President