Message from the President

Message from the President

I can’t wait for Spring and I know it is close.  Some days it feels closer than others.  I feel Spring will bring about many opportunities for AAUW members to get out there and advocate.  I’m sure you have all been inundated with requests to attend meetings, march, call your Representative, and write letters and postcards.  This leads me to two big AAUW events.  First is our state convention April 28-29 in Waterville where the theme is Equal Pay and the other is the National Convention in Washington D.C., June 14th-17th. More on both of these later in the newsletter.

I want to use this letter from the President to discuss advocacy, membership, and self care. We are in the middle exciting times in the area of advocacy.  At times it seems there isn’t an issue that isn’t currently high priority.  Some days I have a full inbox on my email, lists of invites to events on Facebook, and multiple pings on my cell from alerts.  Thank you to all of you for staying in the fight. Since the election there has been a reinvigoration in advocacy with people of all age groups.  What a great time to find people of like minds and interests and show them AAUW.

People are trying to find organizations to join to help them voice their concerns.  There are many organizations out there that focus on so many different issues.  How do we convince someone that AAUW is the organization for them?  AAUW’s age, we’ve been here quite awhile. Our causes, we have a wide array that affects every man, woman, and child. AAUW’s research, so respected it is used by other organizations. Our members, one of the most diverse, determined, and fun-loving groups out there. This is only a small sample of what makes AAUW great, so when you are out there among your friends or making new ones let them know you a part of a great organization that can help them raise their voice.

With all of opportunities to speak up and get out there on issues we love it is equally important to take care of yourself and not get burnt out.  Take time for yourself and take a no-politics break.  Put down the phone, avoid Facebook, shut off the news and do other things you love that reinvigorate you. I have started painting and finally reading classics I purchased from our Penobscot Valley Book Fair a year ago.  I’m also hoping to either take lessons to play a musical instrument or learn a foreign language.

Thank you for all that you do!

Dora McCarthy
AAUW Maine President